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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a dependable dining cruise operator, with a strong ethic for corporate social responsibility, and operating in a high traffic tourist destination, we know it is imperative we take a leading role in responding to the needs of both the local authorities and the international travellers. While the local authorities are fighting hard to reduce city migrations, the lure of the city brought about by foreign and international investors are undeniable. Children growing up in the villages want to work in the city and sometimes are not interested to preserve and keep their indigenous heritage alive.


We are not here to tell the villagers they should stay in the village, we are only here to give them to option to share their heritage and past times, through dance and folklores, to visitors. We want to show them tourists visit to see traditions and without traditions the destination will slowly lacks its appeal. With this in mind, we approached the local authority in Luang Prabang, shared our idea and sought their help to identify some communities that might be at danger of losing their culture and heritage. And they helped identified one traditional village.

We met the village head and through interpreters agreed on a mutually beneficial agreement. We will sail the traditional long boat alongside his village and the appointed youths would perform traditional folklores and dances to our dinners.


Proceeds form our earnings are given to the village head, which uses this fund to build shared facilities that benefit the whole village. However, it’s not always about helping with cash. Sometimes just by knowing their heritage is sought by international visitors is sufficient to make the youths realise the intrinsic value of their culture and heritage.